Emilia Apreda
Hi, my name is Emilia. I am 18 and I'm a college drop out self-taught artist. I sell my work professionally http://emiliaapreda.bigcartel.com


@ EmiliaApreda - Fifth Harmony Drawings and Digital Art - 2013/2014
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@ EmiliaApreda - Fifth Harmony Drawings and Digital Art - 2013/2014
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I have this really high priority on happiness and finding something to be happy about. It’s not that I live in a delusional fantasy where I’m just smiling every day. I definitely feel pain, but there is also this need to be grateful for what I’ve been given.
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Isn't that the phone case you made? On youtube: little mix becoming (vevo lift) brought to you by mcdonald's (time= 1.29) x

yes :) i got told by jade when i met her on the salute tour that she would use it ( i gave it to her on birthday 26th dec). i saw she used it towards the end of the tour but then i didnt see anything when they were in america so i thought she left it at home cuz she used it after that haha then this video comes and apparently its been to new york before me :)

totally agree with this haha I have loved LM since they were made but i love 5h too and im from the UK. i dont get why fans have to argue and stuff when both groups cannot be compared to each other. Little Mix are older and already have their neash sound and style and i think 5H are still on their way to finding it. they both bring separate things to their fans but they both have that strong vibe of wanting to help endorse women empowerment and being strong role models to their fans. they both are amazing vocally considering 5h are mostly alot younger than LM. Their fans dont have to get along but at least respect the fact that they are trying to achieve the same goals and grow up in the spotlight whilst being scrutinized for who they date, what they wear, how much make up they put on etc etc the list goes on. :) so basically im having a rant bc harmonizers and mixers have nothing to worry and argue about. chill.

Perrie Edwards or runway model? The world may never know.

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Lauren Jauregui, your eyes are meant to be green.

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